W11 Pediatric Clinical Reference Tool

Reply Posts Instructions
Please respond individually to at least two peers’ posts.
1-What are the three most important things you have learned when treating pediatric populations with this disorder?
Your response should include evidence of review of the course material through proper citations using APA format. Reply separately to two of your classmates’ post (see attached classmates, post#1 and post#2)
***Important: Need at least one reply for Saturday before 10 pm Easter time
Your response should include evidence-based research to support your statements using proper citations and APA format.
Please, send me the two documents separately, for example one is the reply to my peers Post#1, and the second one is the reply to my other peer Post#2.
-Minimum of 300 words per peer reply.
-Turnitin Assignment.
Background: I live in South Florida; I am currently enrolled in the Psych Mental Health Practitioner Program. I am a Family Nurse Practitioner working in psychiatric area.