USC Stakeholders for project in Long Beach California Excel Sheet

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Stakeholder Name Robert Garcia Centro Cha Local Long Beach News Long Beach Planning PROJECT MANAGEMENT TRANSPORTATION MOBILITY BUREAU Partner of Parks Arts Council for Long Beach Police Foundation CSULB AssociatedStudents Inc. California Families in Focus Contact Person Address Jessica Quintana Dr. Joni RicksOddie Marilyn Surakus Carl Hickman Phone (562) 570-6801 (562) 612-4180 (562) 653-6397 411 West Ocean Boulevard Long (562) 570-6534 411 West Ocean Boulevard Long (562) 570-6331 Christina Limon 1150 E 4th St Ste 104 115 PineLong Avenue Suite 350 Long PO Box 15418 Long Beach CA 1212 N. Bellflower Blvd. (562) 570-3209 (562) 435-2787 (562) 343-5111 (562) 985-2402 Tracy Fuentes 6475 E Pacific Coast Hwy 191 Long Beach CA 90813 (562) 277-1891 Trinka Rowsell Griselda Suarez Impact (Low, Medium, High) Email High longbeachlocalnews@g High Medium Medium Medium Medium What is important to theisstakeholder? He an adovate for the latino community and The Long Beach Local News She is reports the chairstories of the planning commission The Project Management Bureau of The Transportation Mobility Bureau of Long How might the How might the stakeholder stakeholder Approve the Latino Cultural The news outlet can inform the Approve and disapprove The Public Works The Transportation Medium High director@lbpolicefound Medium asistudentunion@csulb.ed Medium What is important to this non-profit The arts councilisis interested all aspects They are a in nonprofit interested in supporting The Students of Long Beach Association are Since our boundary They can contribute The org canto contribute They can by provide They might oppose the They might oppose the be They might opposed to They would oppose the They want to support the community so that kids can achieve their educational, professional and personal goals proactively and create a thriving environment where youth and their families can live healthy and happy lives. They want to to increase the number of high school graduates, offer opportunities to obtain higher education, increase employment skills, and increase access to community resources. They can create a resource center in the Latino Cultural District for children and families or better help understand how this district can help at-risk families in the area/promote or support these families in whatever ways possible. They would oppose if the project threatens families at-risk and kids where they are put off in worse situations than before like influencing crime, gentrification/di splacement, etc. Medium Strategy for engaging the Informing, Involving and/or informing and collaborating informing and involving Collaborating and informing Collaborating and informing Consulting and Collaborating Consulting, Involving, and Consulting, Involving,Involve, and Consult, or Collaborate Involving, Consulting or Collaborating Stakeholder Prioritization table Stakeholder Contact Impact (L name person M. H) Influence MH) Strategy for engaging the stakeholder What is the name of the stakeholder group or individual? Who is the nominated contact person? Will the impact of Will the potential the project on the influence of the stakeholder be stakeholder on the low, medium or project’s outcome be high? low, medium or high? What is important to How might the the stakehokler stakeholder contribute to the project? What is important to this How could the stakeholder stakeholder? What do they contribute to the project value? What do they comment either constructively or on in the media? What are their negatively? Do they have submissions usually about? resources that might be useful to you? Can they ? introduce you to other stakeholders? How might the stakeholder oppose the project? What actions could the stakeholder take to oppose the project? What statements could they make to influence are the others to oppose the project? What approach will you take to engage with this stakeholder? Are you informing, consulting, involving or collaborating with them? Or are you empowering them to make a decision? What techniques will you implement to engage with this stakeholder? Mr John Smith H For example Our Town’s Koala Action Group This group has Highly motivated group commissioned research with large membership about koalas in our local government area. They could Members make be happy to share their data. submissions on planning projects and have been known to protest at sites where vegetation is being cleared For this project, we need to proactively involve this group, as they have knowledge to share that can help the strategic planning process This group is very interested in protecting koalas and koala habitat Their comments in the media typically relate to the impact that development has on koala habitat, and associated impact on the species Any submissions they make generally focus on koalas but often mention broader aspects of environmental protection as well and the adverse effects of development Techniques will include: Mr John Smith is often quoted in print and online media and interviewed for radio and TV. His statements are often provocative • meetings with Mr John Smith and a small number of members involve representatives in any workshops that focus on environmental management • include a representative on the Community Reference Group established for the project н H M For example Mrs Stephanie Jones It is very likely that Mrs Jones will create an action group to oppose this project, if she does not feel that she has been listened to This local resident will be There is an opportunity here directly affected by the to build Mrs Jones proposed increase in density in understanding of planning this neighbourhood concepts, particularly the trade-offs required it Mrs Jones has made development in this area statements in the past about the negative impacts of remains low density increased density on her amenity Mrs Jones has made submissions in the past, and written letters to the editor It is important that we consult with Mrs Jones as part of this engagement process. Techniques will include • one-on-one interviews direct invitations to community events • telephone contact Major Stakeholders (usual suspects) . c • Residents or area-based groups Communities of interest Faith-based groups Racial, ethnic and cultural groups Local community and voluntary groups Web-base or virtual groups Politicians Public sector (e.g., health department) Who else? . 0 . Stakeholder Ability to Influence Outcome High Consult/ Involve Collaborate/ Empower Extent to which the stakeholder is interested Inform Consult/ Inform Low Stakeholder ability to influence outcomes High
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