U.S History Assigment

History of DC
Fall 2021
Professor Ufland
Final Presentation: Neighborhood History
Description: Students will choose a Washington, DC, or DMV neighborhood to study. The study will center on two questions: 1) what makes your neighborhood your neighborhood- that is to say, what gives your neighborhood its distinctive character; 2) how that neighborhood has changed over the past 20-30 years, although there is some leeway in the time frame( you may go farther back in time if you wish).
Components: Each student will be required to submit three project components. Students will write an essay of up to five pages discussing the neighborhood of their choice. Students will also be required to give a five to ten minute in class oral presentation on the neighborhood of their choice. While conducting their oral presentation, students will also need to offer a visual presentation that illustrates the nature of the neighborhood and the changes that it has undergone. Visual presentations must be done electronically( slide show, power point, video, etc.). All aspects of the students project should focus on the historical background of the neighborhood, its residents, the character of the neighborhood( what makes it identifiable as that particular neighborhood), and the ways that it has changed in the last few decades.
Your project is due at the end of the semester. Oral and Visual presentations will be conducted during class sessions in the last week/week and a half of the semester.
Scoring: Rubrics for all three components can be found on the class webpage on Blackboard.