“The ‘Other Side’ Is Not Dumb”

Initial Post
Write a 100 to 200-word summary of Sean Blanda’s “The ‘Other Side’ Is Not Dumb” (See textbook, They Say/I Say). One cool aspect of this piece is that Blanda seems to be advocating many of the foundational ideas outlined by the authors of our textbook.
Your summary should employ one of the templates for introducing summaries from the They Say/I Say textbook. Remember, there is a whole collection of templates at the back of your textbook.
In addition to your summary, explain why you agree or disagree with Blanda’s assertions.
Here are a few points for writing a summary:

  • In the first sentence, mention the title, author, and the essay’s main idea or thesis
  • Be objective and use the third person “he/she/they” point of view
  • Focus on the text and not your own ideas
  • Put the summary in your own words
  • If you do use a small quotation, put it in quotes, then give the page number in parentheses
  • Limit your summary to the key points
  • Post your summary to the discussion board