Module 5: Essay 5: The impact of government policy
The Essay assignment is where you will have an opportunity to explore concepts from this module in more depth. You will have to do some careful thinking and put together reasoned and complete responses to the questions posed.
You are to write a 3-5 page argumentative essay on any one of the following essay questions. This essay is worth 50 points.

    • The websites below provide lists and/or links to virtually all the federal regulatory agencies and commissions. Explore the information in these links, research the various agencies and commissions, and then write an essay which summarizes how the activities of these agencies might impact a day in the life of a hypothetical American family. What is your opinion with respect to this topic? Explain fully.
      Government Regulatory Agencies
      Federal Website Locator
      All Federal Agencies List
    • Welfare is not just for the poor, according to some. Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich defined “corporate welfare” as any form of unjustified business subsidy. Explore the sites below and then write an essay in which you review the concept of corporate welfare and appraise its validity in these contemporary economic times. What is your opinion with respect to this topic? Explain fully.

Corporate Welfare Information Center
Corporate Welfare
Corporate Welfare Search Engine
Corporate Welfare v. Social Welfare II
How Corporate Welfare Hurts You

    • Public assistance programs such as food stamps are a sensitive domestic policy issue, so much so that many changes and reforms have been made to the programs, including a new name (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). Those that are working are likely to take a negative view of these forms of public assistance, especially when they view others using assistance benefits “instead of getting a job and supporting themselves.” However, welfare programs such as SNAP also provide basic life support, in the literal sense, to millions of Americans. Explore the websites below and then write an essay summarizing these various programs for government assistance to the needy. What is your opinion with respect to this topic? Explain fully.
      US Dept of Agriculture – SNAP
      Food Stamp Facts
      WIC – Women, Infants, and Children Program
      Nutrition Assistance Programs
    • Many conservatives say the United Nations should be abolished. However, understanding everything that the UN does is not widespread among the American public. Explore the websites below and write an essay summarizing many of the functions of the UN and explain fully whether the United States should maintain its membership in the United Nations. What is your opinion with respect to this topic? Explain fully.

United Nations
United Nations Collection (Yale University)

  • 3-5 page (800-1500 words) essay stating and supporting a clear opinion or argument.  Make sure you read the Short Essay Rubric carefully for all the elements you are required to include in the essay, including appropriate examples, explanations and reasons from your reading, at least three appropriate concepts from the textbook and/or module, current news events and at least two references.
  • Put your name, date, and module # on the essay.
  • Put the complete essay question you chose at the beginning of the essay (don’t paraphrase it); leave out the websites; single space this question and include an extra space between the question and the body of the essay.
  • Use Times New Roman, 12 pt black font, 1-inch margins; double-space the body of the essay, indent new paragraphs by 1/2 inch, and don’t include extra spaces between paragraphs; you don’t need to include a title page or abstract.
  • The essay must use college level English, grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.
  • Use ONLY Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) or save your document as a Rich Text File (.rtf).
  • The essay must use APA formatting, referencing, and citations; a reference page must be included. For more information and models of APA formatting, see the APA Toolkit in the Syllabus Module.

See an example of a Short Essay here.