The Future Of NAFTA

Please read  The North American Free Trade Agreement (link: )  (I think the link does not work, but you can search for information on the internet about NAFTA)
Then each complete an analysis using the following facts pattern:
CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING Free trade among these nations has both pros and cons. Imagine that you represent the country assigned to you by your professor, and then speculate about both the positive and negative effects that NAFTA may have on the country you are assigned from the perspectives of the individuals listed (business leader, laborer, government); share your speculations with the class.   Be sure to include the following in your post:
Provide information about the benefits of free trade to ALL countries involved (this can be a table)
From the perspectives of the country and parties that you choose Discuss what the drawbacks are of free trade – provide specific examples supported by researchable data,
Choose country
1: Mexican Business leader, laborer, and government leader (president/legislative leader)
2: Canadian Business Leader, laborer, and Government Leader (prime minister/parliament member)
3: United States Business Leader, Laborer and Government Leader (president/legislative member)