Strategic Marketing

Dunlop Livery Antiques: Modernizing the Vintage Industry
This group assignment is based on the Dunlop Livery Antiques case, and the associated articles.
Assume that your team has been hired by Bob Colquhoun, President and Owner of Dunlop Livery Antiques (DLA) to help him reverse his company’s current sales trends and profitably position the business for the future. Your situation analysis and recommendations will address the following key questions listed below.
Where They Are Now

  1. Customers
    1. Evaluate the current marketing segmentation for Dunlop Livery Antiques, with an eye to the consumer dimensions (demographic, psychographic, and geographic) for which DLA’s offerings would be most appealing.
    2. Are there any consumer/trade segments not currently being considered for DLA that you think should be? If so, what is/are the segment(s) and why do you think they are important?
  2. Which consumer segment do you believe is most viable for DLA in the future, and why?