Strategic Factors Discussion and Responses

Then, based on this week’s readings identify strategy-related factors that help keep a company afloat and make it do well or lead to its downslide and fall.  
Post 1
Grant Workman:Below are some strategy-related factors gleaned from the class readings. With each pro or con, I left a real-world example to make the post a bit more digestible.(-) Trying to repair a force too large to repair (eg. supporting/repairing Blockbusters brick-and-mortar store model amid an electronic revolution)(+) Fixing manageable components of a larger problem, or doing what you can during chaos/downfall (eg. Blockbuster could have moved to click-and-mortar or developed a comprehensive electronic catalog)(+) Viewing things from a third-party perspective; letting go of emotional ties and making unbiased decisions (eg. Reading Railroad liquidated all of its assets and switched from a rail company to a cinema chain)(+) Looking for problems in your system; getting negative feedback from others (eg. Southwest Airlines developed a “listening center” to manage travel concerns based on social media responses)(-) Thinking you have finished your job – that all things are fine and well (eg. Kodak was the world’s biggest film company, and its owners assumed the film industry would continue to dominate the visual-based markets)
Post 2
Anupreet Saini:Some factors that help a company stay afloat are:Competitive advantage: differing oneself from the competition.  (+)Trade-offs and adjustments of company offerings: Retiring branches or product lines that are taking too much money and have low sales.  (+)  Multi-layered positioning that cannot be mimicked by competitors: Offering multiple unique advantages that add value to product/service provided.   (+)Some factors that lead to downfall are:Single-minded approach to change: lacking perspective on brand issues and the perception of changes made by the company. (-)Weak operational excellence: lack of foundation for strategic planning. A company must have operational excellence as a minimum to grow a strong strategic plan.  (-)A single focus on company growth: Only focusing on growing the earnings of a company without acknowledgment of the industry or global landscape. (-)