Status Of The Great Barrier Reef

For this assignment, we will be using the 2019 report entitled “Great Barrier Reef Outlook Report” a 300+ page detailed look at one of the world’s most amazing features.  The report can be downloaded HERE
Actions or you can link directly to their website HERE (Links to an external site.).  Also look for the 20 page brief.
Reading and understanding this in its entirety exceeds any reasonable expectation that I have for you.  As a result, for this assignment, in 1-2 pages summarize a SINGLE aspect of this report.  This could be at a chapter level or a sub chapter level.  It should be your own words and does not require outside sources unless you believe they are necessary.  In the heading of your post, clearly label what section(s) you are address including the section number and page number of the entire report (not the brief).
Hopefully you will take the time to find a section that interests you.  If you are working in tandem with another person, please choose separate sections.
Once you post your results, you’ll be able to see what your classmates have also found.