Social Studies Assistance

“Social problems involving abuse of all types affect women more than men. Violence against women has developed because of unequal power between men and women. This has led to discrimination against women by men and has caused full prevention of advancement of women in the 21st century.”
You are a youth activist against domestic violence/abuse. You have been presented with the extract seen above by the head of the Social Development Department and asked to write a speech in which you would share at the 2022 Domestic Violence Convention. In your speech include the following:
Intro- 2pts
Body- 16pts
Two reasons for unequal power between men and women. Say why domestic violence continues to occur. (3pts)
Two negative effects domestic violence can have on the
individual (3pts)
family (3pts)
Community (3pts)
Two strategies/ways that women can use to deal with the social problem. (4pts)
Conclusion- 4pts