Social Studies Assistance

Graded Assignment: #3 Research Project 51 pts
1.Create a formal group and Show the following:

  1. Name of group 1pt
  2. The Organizational structure for the group 5pts
  3. Outline Five Rules of the group 5pts
  4. Outline Five functions of the group 5pts
  5. Explain the Importance of this Group to society 4pts
  6. Describe 3 Characteristics of the group 3pts
  7. State three conflicts that may arise in this group 3pts

2. Prepare a brochure, flyer,newspaper clipping, booklet to advertise this group and attract members. 10 points (include values, expected behaviour, membership requirements, goals and benefits)
3. Design a Badge/logo also uniform for both male and female for this group. 15points