Self Awareness Discussion- Florida Atlantic University

Respond with 150 words – Dwayne
Self awareness to me means being aware of who you are and what capabilities and incapabilities you have. Knowing what your strong points are become very important as you progress through life. This awareness can enable you to become a more well rounded person when dealing with different challenges. In certain situations you can positively assess the moment by relying on your awareness of self in order to produce a viable outcome. Also being aware of your weak points is necessary as well, in order to know when you might not be as successful in the challenge in front of you. This would trigger you to find an alternative to support what you can’t accommodate. For example, in relationships you and your spouse would want to express what your strong and weak points are so when needed, you both would automatically be able to help each other out. This to me defines self awareness as well as simply just being aware of the environment around you.
Respond with 150 words – Maria
Self-awareness is a conscious knowledge of your own character, feelings, motivations, and desires, it allows us to see things from the perspective of others, practice self-control, work creatively and productively, and experience pride in ourselves and our work as well as self-esteem.
Being self-aware lead us  to better decision-making, since we know how we are going to react to different situations, help us  know what our limits are, and also what will benefit our personal growth and what wont, It can make us better at our jobs, better communicators in the workplace, and enhance our self-confidence, and success; in my personal life self-awareness helped me to decide what is the best job for me, I work on banking on the teller line as a supervisor, for a period of time last year I tried to work as a banker because I thought it would be a great opportunity for my career, however the more I was on the position and even though I was meeting all my goals, I realized that this was not the right position me because is not what I really enjoy doing, and in my perspective part of being successful in your occupation is to be able to enjoy what you do, plus I know my team always perceived me as a leader and someone to go to on difficult situations and in this new position I was not as involved as they need it me too and I felt I was failing myself and them, so after a lot of self reflection and getting to explore what really suited me as a person I went back to my Head teller position.