Religious Movement

For this section, you will be your own instructor. Choose one of the religions we have learned about in this unit and research the following (preferably choose a religion with which you are not very familiar):

  • Historical Context/Origin—When and where was this religion rounded? What was going on in the world at the time of its founding?
  • People—Who were the people/prophets associated with its founding or influential in its development? Include mini bios for the “main players.”
  • The Divine/Deity—What are the beliefs regarding the nature of the Divine or God? Who is/are their God/Gods?
  • Beliefs/Practices—What are the basic tenants of the religion? What beliefs motivate their everyday lives and in what ways? (Consider diet, clothing, Sabbath or holy day observance, festivals, interaction with each other, etc.) Support your findings with examples from their texts that relate to these topics.
  • Sacred Texts and Writings—What are the main texts associated with the religion? Find and include some excerpts that are representative of some of their major beliefs. In this part of your research, you must go beyond the text excerpts provided in the previous lessons.

Once you have completed your research, you will create a short presentation outlining this information (in the above listed order) in your own words. Include, where appropriate, pictures, charts, and graphs to illustrate your information and make your presentation more interesting. Use whatever presentation software you choose and with which you are comfortable. You will also include a written script of what you would say if presenting your presentation. The script is expected to be a sourced and cited informational document with in-text citations and a bibliography of your sources.
Click the button in the bottom right corner to attach and submit your presentation for grading. In addition, you will upload your presentation to a discussion board, where other students will have an opportunity to discuss your findings.