Reflection Memo

This memo will be short (about 1 page in length) and can be a bit more informal than the Rhetorical Analysis memo. You do want to still pay attention to grammar, spelling, punctuation, and flow though. You may use headings if you wish, but they are not necessary.
In the memo, you will reflect back on both documents the (Rhetorical Analysis Memo and the Project Artifact). You will want to answer the following questions; however, please don’t write them as a set of answers to questions. Use regular sentences and paragraphs to describe your writing process and journey through the project.
· What was the hardest thing about completing your Rhetorical Analysis?
· What was the easiest thing?
· If you could go back now, would you still choose the same artifact to work with, or would you choose something different? Why or why not?
· What sorts of things did you learn about yourself as a student and a writer during this project?
· How did you decide what information to include/exclude when writing your analysis?
· How did the process go as a whole?
· What are some of your concerns about your assignment, now that you are submitting it?
· Are there any changes you will make to your work habits before our next assignment? Why/Why not?
· What grade do you think this document deserves? (Please use a number grade, not a letter, and be realistic. (A 100 is very, very rare.)
· What other things would you like me to know before I grade the assignment?