Reflection Final

Personality Type Learning Style (PTLS) Final Project
Final Project Directions:
Please follow these directions to complete your QEP research methods reflection paper.
1) Find out your personality type using the power point file provided. (short answer)
2) Find out your adult learning style using the content provided in this video (if you are interested in learning more, buy Dunning’s book). Also, you will have to search each personality type adult learning style until you find yours. (short answer)
3) Write a 1-page reflection paper that 1) identifies your personality type, 2) identifies your adult learning style, and 3) that elaborates upon how you can use this information in school, in your profession, and in life, in general! 🙂  Your learning style, interactions with others, learning from feedback, learning strategies, etc. should all be covered.
4) Locate 4 peer-reviewed research articles related to type and learning.  Write a 1 page summary for each article that integrates type and learning with content in our course.  Please make sure that your summaries address the following questions: 1) What is the research problem addressed by the article? 2) What are the main variables included in the study and how are they measured? 3) What is the research method(s) used to study the main problem? 4) What are the results?  Finally, based on what you have learned, what are potential areas for improvement?
Note: Again, in (3) above, use provided content to emphasize your learning style in the classroom (on ground or online), how you interact with instructors, how you interact with your peers, how you learn from feedback, learning strategies, etc.