Reflecting upon this week’s videos regarding cultural and economic globalization, are a homogeneous global culture and economy desirable? Yes, it is making everyone richer and a few people incredibly wealthy.
But … What’s the downside of globalization as you see it? The upside? Which is stronger, the downside or the upside?
Don’t the Internet and cheap travel make a homogeneous global culture and economy too tempting, if not inevitable? We already have a homogeneous global technology, the Internet. It is disrupting industries, governments, and personal lives. It is enabling a homogeneous global pop culture, especially music, movies, and social media like Tic-Toc.
In the US, 50 states unite into one culture and economy. That process happened long ago to create today’s India, Russia, and China. The European Union is Europe’s attempt to similarly unite. English and Mandarin (Chinese) are becoming the world languages. Eventually, won’t all cultures unite culturally and economically?
For this assignment, take a position on globalization, or one aspect of it, and develop your ideas in about one page. Use Hacker & Sommers section 3 Building Effective Paragraphs as a guide for how to structure each of the paragraphs in your response.
This assignment does not need an APA title page or a references page.