Quality Improvement

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Title of the Paper/Assignment
Start the introduction section here (no header).
Introductory Steps
Problem Identification
Choosing the right project is important. What gaps in practice have you observed? What do frontline workers/coworkers comment on or think needs to change? This can be the same as your issue identified in week one, or it can be different.
Team Member Selection
Who needs to be included in order to make the project work? Include titles or roles (not names). Consider who can fulfill the roles discussed in the classroom presentation.
Project Planning
Aim Statement
What are you trying to accomplish? Why is it important? Who is the target population? When will the project be completed? How will it be carried out?
Outcome Goals
What are some processes and short-term outcome goals that will help you know that you have achieved your overall project aim? Make sure that these are measurable and realistic.
Outcome Measures
What tools or measures should be used to determine if the goals were met? What information is provided by these tools? How will the data be analyzed and by whom?
Recommendations for Change
Describe three possible changes or solutions that address the identified problem. Be specific/detailed. What leads you to believe these will work? Include literature based support.
Summarize the above information in a clear and concise conclusion.