Project On Broadband Access

Expanding broadband in southeast Ohio and greater Appalachia is both a statewide goal and a national goal.  Specifically, the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation has identified broadband access improvement in southeast Ohio as a priority.  As the director, you are considering starting a Fiber Technician program to support this effort.  Research the area workforce need, which companies or organizations are stakeholders, who would benefit, how you would fund it, any partnerships you’d develop, where you’d set tuition, what you’d pay instructor, how long the program would be, what the seat cap would be, what the minimum would be to run the program, what regulatory agencies you’d engage as you progress through starting the program, the industry-recognized credential program completers would pursue, what the overall annual budget would be in years 1, 2, and 3, showing any profit or loss, and anything else you think would be necessary to convince either the board of education or superintendent to give you the liberty to pursue starting this program.
need powerpoint to present along with a budget sheet for 3 years.