Poverty And Inequality

I have done some of the assignment already. Just need help finishing the assignment. I already included the graphs in order. This assignment is singled spaced.
1. Introduction: How does Inequality Influence your Spirit Level variable. Remember to include the transmission mechanism. What does Spirit Level Book say? What does other research show? (2 pages, single spaced).
2. Measuring Inequality: How does the selection of Inequality influence the connection (graphs 1 and 2). (2 pages, single spaced, including graphs).
3. Measuring the Spirit Level Variable: How does the selection of Spirit Level Variable influence the connection (Graphs 3 and 4) and compare with Graphs 1 and 2. (2 pages, single spaced, including graphs.
4. Inequality or Poverty: Is it inequality or Poverty (Graphs 5-8) (2 pages, including graphs).
5. Conclusion (1-2 pages)