Personal Learning Theory

Personal Learning Theory
One of the most important goals of this course is for you to come away with a personal sense of how these learning and instructional theories can be of use to you in your future “educational” practice, however broadly that may be defined.
I would suggest that, at some point, you ask yourself a series of questions about each of the theories we have studied.
Since the goal is to construct your own unique understanding of the theories, I can’t tell you what those questions would be. I can suggest some possibilities, though, such as
* What aspects of learning are addressed by this theory?
* What are the main processes or mechanisms that are proposed to account for learning according to this theory?
* What, to you, is the single most important “big idea” from this theory?
* With what other theories is this theory most compatible?
* Does this theory resonate with your own experiences and beliefs?
* Does this theory seem to be a good match for the kinds of learners you’re interested in?
* … for the kinds of learning tasks you’re interested in?
* … for the kinds of educational settings you’re interested in?
Well, you get the idea.
What is your understanding of what students should learn, particularly for your discipline? How do students learn best? What educational theories or philosophies support your perspectives?
How do you address diverse learning styles and needs? How do you integrate diverse perspectives into your teaching?
Who/what guides your theory?
Piaget’s theory of cognitive development
Vygotsky’s theory of development,
Your theory should include references to theories and ideas that we have explored and digested this semester.
Support your answers and theory with evidence from the required reading/viewings/resources or your own research.
Use APA formatting.
Do NOT submit this assignment as text. Upload a document in the assignment link. I like to give written feedback in the context of the assignment. Use the grading rubric as a guide and a system to check your work.