Part I-HR Competencies & Part II-Consulting Assumptions

Part I-HR Competencies & Part II-Consulting Assumptions
Use the following headings in a single initial response as you address the following topics. Remember, (1) include a Reference page at the end of the post, and (2) cite the experts in every section unless otherwise noted.
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Part I – HR Competencies

  • While all competencies in SHRM’s BoCK are critical for the HR professional, which cluster or individual competencies do you believe to be most important to meet the challenges in today’s constantly changing environment and why?
  • What is your analysis of how HR roles are changing?

Part II – Consulting Assumptions

  • What assumptions do you have about consulting? (citations not required in under this 1st heading)
  • How might the assumptions you have manifest during the consultation process?
  • How will you compensate for the impact these assumptions will have on your consulting style?
  • How will you work to set healthy boundaries to build trust, address feelings, share responsibility, and ensure your needs are met?

Other Guidelines for Initial Discussion Board Posts (please note!):

  • Use at least 300 words in length of substance.
  • Your initial post must be made no later than 11:59pm Central Time on Wednesday.
  • Use a minimum of three (3) academic resources as support (minimum one per section unless otherwise noted). These resources may be your textbook(s), required readings for the course, or outside academic research such as peer reviewed journals.  The resource may not be general websites. Use of those will be the equivalent of using no resource at all and will reduce scores since these sources lack academic rigor.