Opinion Module 5 Assignment

Module 4 Assignment Video Questions :
Create a 6-7 minute video addressing the following questions/prompts:
• Discuss the use of the mental imaging or mental practice process when teaching motor skills.
• Develop an interprofessional case scenario that would be appropriate for undergraduate nursing students. Use the examples and strategies found in l Bradshaw (Figure 16-1, Box 16-1, p. 206).
• Describe a clinical situation that could reasonably be translated into a simulation. Which type of simulation would be most appropriate? What psychomotor and cognitive skills would you hope that they would achieve? How would you envision your role as the educator? What would you include in the debriefing?
• Construct a statement or scenario that could be used as the basis for a debate in an undergraduate nursing Ethics course.
• Create a game to help learners review the instructional methods discussed in this module. Some suggestions might be formats similar to “Jeopardy,” “Trivial Pursuit,” a word search, or a crossword puzzle.
The following specifications are required for this assignment:

  • Length: 6-7 minute video; answers must thoroughly address the two questions in a clear, concise manner
  • Structure: Include an introduction and summary.
  • Prompts: Describe the learning theories: behaviorist, cognitive, social learning, psychodynamic, and humanist and how they can be used to 1) can be used to increase a behavior, and 2) can be used to decrease a behavior.
  • References: N/A