Operations Management

1) follow the guidelines/instructions provided on the first page of the project description document.
2) Write-up:

  • for each of the 3 topics you had selected, summarize your analysis in 2 pages (double space, 12 font, 1 inch margins). So your write-up is expected to be in total about 6 pages.
  • You may have appendices in addition to the main write-up. The appendices in total should not exceed 4 pages
  • You will have to include a citations section at the end of your report as well.
  • The answers to the questions can definitely be in the form of an essay. Most of your answers will require you to think “which mathematical model” may be appropriate to use for the described situation in the question. You will need to provide justification for your choice of the model.
  • For example, you may say that “single period inventory model” is appropriate to manage vaccine stock because vaccines are perishable. Do you think the “optimal service level” can possibly come out to be unreasonably low when the formula for the single period inventory model is used. How would you calculate the cost of shortage? Can you attach a dollar value? If you are not able to figure out the exact dollar figure, can you list what must be considered when figuring out a dollar value for the cost of shortage? 
  • If you see fit, you could use formulas in your reports but that means you will need to provide some justification for any number you plug into a formula. These numbers can be, for example, based on the research you have done; provide the citations for the sources from which you pulled the numbers.
  • If you have found an article that tackles similar questions to the one you are answering in the project description, paraphrase what’s explained in the article. Do not directly copy the sentences that would be considered a form of cheating, called plagiarism. To avoid such a situation do the following  a)  summarize what you have learned from the article in your own words 2) and you must provide the citation for the article that you have read and learned from.