Operations Management

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. When answering these questions be sure to cite any source that you use. Also, be sure to check your posts for proper grammar and spelling.
Hufbrauer, G. “The Payoff from Globalization” (Links to an external site.)  (Links to an external site.)
1. Is trade a zero sum game, i.e. are there any losers to increased liberalization? Why or why not?
Wolak, “Our Comparative Advantage” (Links to an external site.)
1. Why do we see more innovation and development in the U.S? Can this lead to an undesired outcome?
Dizikes, “Economists find evidence for famous hypothesis of ‘comparative advantage’” (Links to an external site.)
1. Why is it difficult to prove comparative advantage?
2. Are there ways to “find” comparative advantage?
Prestowitz, “The Losses of Trade” (Links to an external site.)
1. Why are the costs more substantial than what is normally assumed under conventional trade theory?