Nursing Research And Evidence Based Practice

This week, you will need to compile the requirements for the Institution Review of a proposed research study in your facility. Submit a 2 page APA word document relating the steps for Institution Approval of a research project in your institution.  Be sure to include the time frame for being granted approval. If your institution does not currently have a process, then find a minimum of one article that discusses the above information regarding how Facility IRB approvals are obtained.
part B
Select one of the unethical research studies in Table 13-1 (pp. 234) of your textbook and submit a word document  that includes a 2-page analysis of the study, including how the basic ethical principles were not met, and 2-3 pages of personal reflection addressing the unethical process of the selected study. Your word document should be formatted in APA style, including 2-3 citations from 2-3 scholarly references.
Note- please have answer for section A in a different word document and answer for section B in a different word document as well.