NFP-American Red Cross Report And Presentation

You will also select an NFP (Not for Profit) entity and the related IRS form 990. You will write a report on the NFP. PowerPoint presentations based on the report will be prepared.
The NFP analysis enable you to demonstrate your comprehension of the course subject matter and your ability to communicate effectively in writing. You are to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of 1) a governmental entity and 2) a not-for-profit organization of your choosing. You will need to identify each organization’s mission statement and then describe the extent to which the mission is being accomplished. You will need to identify criteria for the evaluation of the mission statement, measure achievement using these criteria, and offer a conclusion on the evidence presented.
NFP Paper
-Must be US Non for Profit -Show the mission statement and identify if the mission is accomplished -Show efficiency -Compare prior year to current year -Single spaced -Proper grammar and spelling -Include headings and page numbers -Show split between mission/program work and management & support -Must be 4-6 pages (including a one page header page and one page references)
NFP Presentation
-Exactly Six slides -Must include one cover slide, one slide for references -Not more than four bullet points per slide -No more than two lines per bullet point -Should use proper grammar and style -Should describe similar content as in the NFP paper -Must have graphs/charts or other visual methods to tell information about the NFP