Management Discussion Forum – Labor Practices Response


Watch these three videos:

a) What is a Corporation? []

b) Concept of “Externalities” []

c) Case Histories (Part 5) []

After watching the videos RESPOND to (3) topic posts, dealing with Social, Ethical, and Environmental Responsibility

TOPIC: Labor Practices
Labor practices in developing countries – while some argue that paying workers pennies a day to manufacture goods for export actually benefits developing countries and their citizens, others feel that this practice is unfair.
TOPIC: Advertising to Children
Advertising to children – while some argue that advertising to children is taking advantage of their lack of cognitive development, others feel it is fair game to help them satisfy needs and wants.
TOPIC: Social Responsibility and Accountability
Social responsibility and accountability – some argue that corporations who do not act responsibly will be “punished by the market” (i.e., consumers will not make purchases if they act unethically), while others feel that governments or citizens should regulate industries and businesses.