Lifespan Development Of Michelle Obama

For each of the following, explain the development and outcomes of the person’s life in terms of the appropriate constructs, processes, and theories of development. Address as many of the relevant ages and stages as possible.  Explain the person’s life in terms of nature/nurture influences.  Provide an analysis of the role cognitive, physical, and social-emotional development/changes played in the person’s life. Note: You must select two of the three processes to include in your paper.  Include at least one theory that is relevant in describing the individual’s development.  Explain major developmental events, phases, and turning points in the person’s life with developmental theories that best explain each. Include a brief description of each developmental theory and use as many as is fitting. You must include at least two theories from this course in your Final Project Assignment.  Explain the impact of diversity* on the person’s life (success, lack of success, struggles, challenges, decisions, etc.). *Diversity includes characteristics and factors such as gender, race, ethnicity, culture, socioeconomic status, religion, sexual orientation, and physical ability. DPSY 8215/6215: Lifespan Development Diversity characteristics are distinct from adversity, which refers to hardship or misfortune. Use proper APA format, citations, and referencing.
The selected individual is below
Michelle Obama stunned the world with her grace and poise during her tenure as First Lady of the United States. She quickly became an inspirational figure in the lives of many young women, especially young women of color. Mrs. Obama used her platform as First Lady to promote healthier lives for youth all over American. The developmental theory I believe best correlates with her stages of development based upon Mrs. Obamas’ memoir is Bandura’s Social Learning theory; simply because there are several instances within that she speaks on things she observed as a child that molded her morals and values today. She speaks of times listening to aunt teaching piano to the children in the community