LI 32247:Marketing Communications

Assignment Remit

Programme Title Business Management with Communications
Module Title Marketing Communications
Module Code LI 32247
Assignment Title Marketing Communications Plan
Level Intermediate Level
Weighting 50
Hand Out Date 08/02/2021
Assignment Format Report
Assignment Length 2000 words
Submission Format Online Individual

You will produce a Marketing Communications Plan for a product/brand extension or repositioning of your choice. You should cover all the elements of the communications planning and delivery process and the plan should be presented within a recognised communications framework e.g. SOSTAC.
You should include:
Situation/context analysis (this could include competitor and sector analysis, evaluation of social and economic trends, and should provide a rationale for your chosen product or brand extension/repositioning. You should also identify a clear target audience)
Tactics (the channels for the delivery of your campaign)
Action (campaign timeline)
Control (how success will be evaluated)
Your plan should be presented in report-style with appropriate academic evidence supporting your ideas. you should include at least 25 references.
For additional information please refer to the Powerpoint presentation available in Week 2 and the accompanying video.
Module Learning Outcomes:

In this assessment the following learning outcomes will be covered:

  • Know and understand the role and application of marketing communications in marketing both strategically and tactically.
  • Develop a critical awareness of relevant communication theory and principles, which underpin integrated communication processes and strategies.
  • Understand and apply the process of planning, creating and managing integrated marketing communication campaigns, inclusive of major communication tools such as advertising, digital marketing, sales promotion, PR, etc.
  • Know and understand the key challenges of cross-cultural communication and how these affect integrated marketing communication strategies
  • Analyse marketing issues critically, systematically and creatively to identify problems, and to propose and evaluate alternative approaches to solve these problems
  • Evaluate critically a range of materials such as academic literature, case studies, industry communication campaigns, and develop the ability to challenge viewpoints, ideas and concepts from theoretical and practical perspectives
  • Demonstrate an understanding of moral, ethical, and responsible dimensions that should be considered in the implementation of marketing communications in practice

Grading Criteria:
To achieve a ‘Pass’ grade (minimum 40%)
In order to achieve a pass grade the students will have demonstrated an understanding of the tools and approaches involved in creating a marketing communications plan. The assignment will include all of the sections itemised above, with occasional minor omission and will be presented in a suitable format. Some elements of the assignment may have weaknesses. There may be limited evidence of wider reading and research, outside of the recommended textbooks and journal articles.
For higher classification
In order to achieve a higher classification the students will have demonstrated an in depth understanding of the approaches involved in creating and delivering marketing communications activity. They will articulate their ideas using their academic voice, utilising and integrating a range of resources, including journals and industry publications. Evaluative and analytical content will be provided, always supported by evidence. In addition there will be evidence of an innovative and creative approach
Assignments must be submitted by the due date. The only circumstance in which assignments can be submitted late is if an extenuating circumstances claim is made.
Feedback to Students:
Both Summative and Formative feedback is given to encourage students to reflect on their learning that feed forward into following assessment tasks. The preparation for all assessment tasks will be supported by formative feedback within the tutorials/seminars. Written feedback is provided as appropriate. Please be aware to use the browser and not the Canvas App as you may not be able to view all comments.
It is your responsibility to ensure that you understand correct referencing practices. You are expected to use appropriate references and keep carefully detailed notes of all your information sources, including any material downloaded from the Internet. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are not vulnerable to any alleged breaches of the assessment regulations. More information is available at https://intranet.birmingh