LA Food Policy Council and a local area organization
LA Food Policy Council and a local area organization
Directions: Please take a look at two local area organizations, and answer the related questions. One organization, LA Food Policy Council, you have already seen.

  • Go back to the LA Food Policy Council website. I really would like you to take a look at their mission, and the concept of “Good Food.”


  • How would you describe “Good Food?” Do you see elements of Agroecology and Regeneration? Please relate this back to some of the concepts in the film or the text book.


  • Find another organization here in your own community, that is doing something related to local farming and community building. This might require some digging around.


  1. Name the organization, and explain what they are doing.
  2. Explain how the organization incorporates permaculture or community building concepts. You should also see if there are concepts they could improve upon.
  3. Who are the people this organization impacts—we might call these the beneficiaries, or stakeholders.
  4. Go to the discussion board and post a picture of something that captures what the organization does. Post their weblink, and give us a couple of sentences explaining them.


  • Provide any final thoughts you have on the concepts covered in this unit. Now that you have completed a review of all the material in the course, what are your thoughts about food, and the food system. It’s very possible that you have more questions now than at the beginning of the course. I think that would be a success. Please give me your thoughts in a few sentences.


  • Place a picture of a local food organization in your community. Provide a brief description of what they do, and provide a weblink to their site.