International logistics

 This wide-ranging book within global supply chain management and international logistics has now reached the final chapter. The continuous growth of the subject content adds to its complexity and this is in line with the growth of trade, redistribution of markets, extension of the supply chain, development of technology and the changing profile of the consumer. The consumer demands more choice, earlier response rate to the product order process, and more value added. Moreover, as countries across the globe enjoy higher incomes and more disposable income, their product choice becomes more discerning. This places increasing pressure on the supply chain manager to develop a greater level of efficiency in his/her supply chain sourcing. Locate an article that highlights Brand Management as it pertains to  international trade and Global Logistics. Your article review must be at least 2 full pages in length and submitted in the required format and with the proper file name. File name example GaryParkLG305Week7.