Hydrographics On Firearms

Hydrographics are applied to firearms for aesthetic purposes almost as often as they are for functional ones. This is evident in the many different films available which are purely for looks. Let’s face it, you are unlikely to ever be surrounded by flames and skulls and in need of a firearm which blends into your environment. Consider all the purely aesthetic hydrographics you have seen and then discuss the following.
Do you find there to be any ethical concern with taking a tool such as a firearm and giving it a “designer look” like you would a car, boat, or other “toy”? Why or why not? If you were to offer hydrographic application at your own shop, would you apply these finishes if a customer requested them? Why or why not? Finally, how would you defend your position to a customer who took offense to your view, whatever it is?
Min 250 words