Hacker & Sommers section 3

Using the thesis statement write an essay in support of that thesis. The essay will have a problem-solution structure. Your audience is someone who has heard about the problem but has only a hazy idea of what it is or why it is a problem.
All essays must include the following:
An introduction that tries to get the readers’ attention, sets the context (audience and purpose), and ends with the thesis statement that makes two assertions, one about the problem and the next about the solution, what should be done or what could be done.
This thesis creates the expectation in the readers about how the body will be organized, one body section for the problem and the next body section for the solution.
Use Hacker & Sommers section 3 Building Effective Paragraphs, pp. 40-54, as a guide for how to structure each of the body sections.
The essay must include the research sources you found on the Controversial Topics page at The Best Schools web site. Review Hacker & Sommers, chapters 58-62. The sources must be cited in the text of the essay using signal phrases where you begin drawing from the source and correctly formatted APA in-text citations. Use the .pdf from this week’s readings as a guide. The sources should all be listed on a separate reference page using APA format. College-level writing, which includes spelling, punctuation, vocabulary, sentence structure, and paragraph development that conform to the standards in our grammar book, is expected in all of your written work for this course.
The essay must have a final concluding paragraph that summarizes the main points, provides any final important insights, and gives a sense of closure.
This essay should be at least 750 words and must be submitted using APA 7 formatting, including a title page and page numbers. Double-space the text, use one-inch margins, and indent every paragraph. There is no extra line between paragraphs; indenting is enough. The whole document should be in the same typeface.