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If I was starting my own business, I would use many beginning aspects of human resource management. The first HR strategy used, would be recruitment. Every new business need highly qualified applicants, who will execute proper job design and duties. In my business, I am looking for applicants who have strong work ethic, leadership skills, team work skills, problem solving skills, and good communication skills. HRM will then have an selection process, where there will be interviews. Once the applicants are chosen, than employee training for the specific job position, will begin. Employee training also includes learning appropriate job related behavior and norms, for success in the business. This might also include business culture, along with future goals, customer demands, that will be addressed. Another aspect of HRM, would be performance management, which consist of making sure new employees activities and performance is matching the goals of my business. HRM could also create employee handbooks and company publications, which will help communicate the proper message and vision of my company, and gives a specific message, that can not be argued or questioned later. If questioned or violated later, than all management can refer to the employee handbooks and company publications.
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Sometimes companies need to do some reengineering ,which is a radical change in an organization. Companies might need to control cost, and reengineering is all about constructing a complete review of the organization’s work processes, to make them more efficient and increase quality of work performance. Sometimes the goals of the organization change, dramatically, and HRM has to create new objectives to communicate to middle management, who than delivers to employees. It could be improvements in customer service and cuts in operational costs. The organization strategy might go through some changes such as outsourcing, to lower pay cost of employees, or an emergence of new vendors. The outsourcing might call for expatriates, who will take work assignments in international countries, and will need training from HRM.
Technology change is another change in strategy in an organization. HRM needs to be able to implement change in technology, for success in reengineering. The human resource information system helping by improving accuracy and avoids potential lawsuits. It aids in supporting day by day decision making in management, and provides by evaluating programs and policies in the organization.
One example of an company reengineering, would be T-mobile and reinventing their costumer service process. Instead of typical phone customer service reps, now T-mobile users, use a self service portal, for quick service. It is a low cost for T-mobile as well.
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