Entrepreneur Interview

For this project you will identify an entrepreneur (of any variety including social, public sector, intrapreneur) and do an in-person interview (or virtual) wto explore their person experience. There is a list of potential questions provides that can guide your interview process. Some things you may want to focus on: What are the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur? What challenges do they face and how do they address them? What are the biggest mistakes they have made ? What are the best practices they use to be successfully launching and managing a company/social enterprise.internal initiative? The deliverable is a written report of 3-5 pages with headings, etc. This is not a transcript of the interview, but an opportunity for your to share the three (3) most important things that you learned from the small business owner (based on his/her experience). Provide a conclusion where you share your general thoughts about doing the interview and what you learned (or didn’t learn) from doing the interview.