Dissatisfied Employees Questions

1.) Identify the consequences of having dissatisfied employees and describe ways of applying the four theories of job satisfaction and how you would use them to boost job satisfaction. Discuss how intrinsic and extrinsic motivation factors affect job satisfaction.
When answering consider how goals may help with job satisfaction and how to design jobs to enhance motivation.
2.) Communication is an essential means to convey important information to the organization. Or it can provide other information such as events, benefits and many other situations. How effectively does your organization use technology to communicate information to the organization? What is done well? What can be improved?
3). We all experience vulnerability at times with the decision making process. View the video, The Power of Vulnerability.
Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability | TED Talk https://www.ted.com/talks/brene_brown_the_power_of_vulnerability
Based on the video, how do we make ourselves vulnerable or not so vulnerable with decision-making. Sometimes do we try to make the uncertain, certain, by making a decision without the facts and taking into consideration everyone’s perspective of the decision at hand? Do we pretend that the other perspective doesn’t even exist when we are making decisions?
Identify and discuss the various factors that contribute to imperfect decision making in YOUR organization.
4.) Mindfulness is a method of helping the brain focus. Neuroscience is making strides into the business environment. Find an article or two on neuroscience or more specifically neuroleadership. How can mindfulness, along with neuroscience/neuroleadership help a leader focus his or her followers? Please not that you do not have to cite the articles or include the references. You should provide attribution. Attribution is where you give credit. For example, if the article you select is written by Smith, you may write as follows: Smith stated (talked, reviewed, etc) that…
5.) Conscious capitalism is reflected in various manners in an organization. How does your organization practice conscious capitalism? How could your organization further its understanding and implementation of conscious capitalism?
6.) One of the tenets of authentic leadership is being present in the moment. How is this reflected in your organization? How does your leadership reflect authentic leadership? How can authentic leadership help your organization be more productive?