Discussion #10: The Struggle For Civil Rights

Throughout  the 1950s African Americans in northern cities grew increasingly active  in opposing discrimination and in protesting white resistance to black  progress in housing, education, and employment. Martin Luther King and  others embarked on a campaign of nonviolent resistance and  demonstrations, which spread to the south. Some of the leadership in the  Deep South responded with brutal force, taking a militant stand against  change, and in defiance of federal legislation to grant African  Americans their civil rights.
In order to prepare for this discussion forum:

After you have completed your readings post your response to only one of the following questions:

  1. Identify and list some of the factors that contributed to the success of the Civil Rights movement. Choose one, and discuss its significance to the movement, and explain why you made this particular choice.
  2. “Ironically, the reaction of many southern whites to the civil  rights activities may have actually served to help the blacks’ cause.”  Agree or Disagree with this statement.  Make sure that you provide  evidence to support your argument.