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Project 3: Digital Marketing Analytics
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Discuss Data Analytics
While you are about to continue attending meetings and participating in discussions, Ying sends out the following email to you and the team.
INBOX: 1 New Message
Subject: Digital Marketing Follow-Up for CompanyOne
From:     Ying Bao, Associate Consultant, MCS
To:          You and Team

Hi team,
Great work on the first two topic discussions at last week’s meetings. I can tell we’re heading in the right direction. To keep the momentum going, I’d like you to complete two more group discussions at our meetings scheduled for this week. You can review the discussion topics below. It is required that you respond to both of these topics as well.
As you discuss these topics, be sure you understand the following concepts related to data analytics:

Discussion Topics 1 and 2
Topic 1
There are three key elements to be considered in any web analytics study like the kind MCS is doing for CompanyOne. These elements are (1) behavior, (2) outcomes, and (3) user experience. A powerful technique to gauge user behavior is segmentation. Explain the concept of segmentation in relation to web analytics. Some common ways of segmenting your site visitors are by new users, returning users, paid search traffic, nonpaid search traffic, direct traffic, referral source, landing page, browser, and mobile traffic, among hundreds of possible options. Recommend any five ways of segmentation to CompanyOne, including some that are not listed here, and discuss the relative merits of each.
Topic 2
In Google Analytics (GA), a funnel is a navigation path (series of web pages) that you expect CompanyOne’s online customers to follow in order to achieve the business’s goals for their website. A funnel is made up of a goal page (or pages) and one or more funnel pages (also known as the funnel steps). CompanyOne needs to choose either the Goal Flow Report or the Funnel Visualization Report in Google Analytics. They come to you for advice. What questions will you ask in order to arrive at your recommendation for CompanyOne? Explain your reasoning.
Support your arguments under each topic with at least one source from the course readings, and three reliable non-scholarly sources derived from your own research.