Differentiation Case Study

Assessment Description
Differentiation is an important component of a lesson plan, because it guides the teacher in how to meet the diverse needs of all students during instruction. The planning process will help the teacher determine when and how to differentiate. It is critical for teachers to observe or review academic data to appropriately differentiate for their students. Sometimes, there can be great discrepancies between formative and summative data with individual students. Students may demonstrate mastery of concepts on formative assessments, but do not demonstrate mastery with bringing it all together in a summative assessment.
Differentiation includes a full spectrum of accommodations and modifications, in order to enrich or remediate to meet the needs of the diverse students. Gifted and high achieving students are often overlooked when it comes to differentiation, but are no less important than the student who needs intervention. As part of the planning process, it is important to consider enriching the learning experiences for gifted and high achieving students. Enrichment does not mean more work; it means creating opportunities for students to develop deeper levels of understanding.
After reading the “Differentiation Case Study,” in a 500-750 word essay, respond to the questions based on your understanding of Chen’s perceptions and how you can assist him in the classroom.
Provide at least two scholarly resources to support your essay.
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