DANC Appreciation

Video 6
Modernizing Dance
1. Depending upon their medium, artists begin in different ways. What are they? What are they drawing their inspiration from?
2. What is the first habit we acquire?
3. Why did Twyla Tharp begin to choreograph?
4. Who is Twyla Tharp and what is her medium?
5. What is the difference between dance today and 100years ago?
6. Who lead the dance revolution in the 20th Century?
7. According to Garth Fagan, what did 20th Century modern choreographers try to put in dance?
8. According to Sardono Kusumo, what is it to dance?
9. According to Eiko and Koma, how does the contemporary choreographer approach dance?
10. What did Isadora Duncan introduce to the public?
11. How did Duncan see dance?
12. What was Isadora Duncan’s real contribution to the art of dance?
13. What did Anna Pavlova attribute to Isadora Duncan?
14. What happened at the premier of ‘Rite of Spring” and why?
15. How did most modern artists of the 20’s and 30’s feel about their work?
16. What did Martha Graham’s father tell her about movement?
17. What is a contraction in the Graham technique?
18. What is it that, as a Graham dancer, you do not try to deny?
19. What became the imperative for the modern dancer?
20. Who is Katherine Dunham and what was the result of her background?
21. What is significant about the contribution of Katherine Dunham?
22. What does African-based dance do with the body?
23. How does Twyla Tharp view classical ballet?
24. What were Balanchine contributions and deletions to classical ballet?
25. What do we see when we look at Balanchine’s choreography?
26. How does Twyla Tharp characterize Balanchine?
27. What do many choreographers do in the process of creating a work?
28. What did Twyla Tharp’s mother instill in her?
29. What did Tharp’s preparing quality her for?
30. What did Merce Cunningham do to dance?
31. What was Twyla Tharp’s initial credo?
32. What was the message in dance in the 60’s?
33. What did Twyla come out of in the dance world?
34. What were the two opposing camps in the dance world of 60’s?
35. How would Twyla Tharp unify the two camps?
36. What is post-modernism?
37. What is Twyla Tharp’s view on what a contemporary dancer needs to be able to do?
38. What has become the tradition of dance in the 20th Century around the world?
39. What is Garth Fagan’s take on the choreographer solving problems in dance?
40. Sardono Kusumo includes two elements in each of his works, what are they?