Criminological theory building

1. What is a theory? Describe the steps in criminological theory building, and explain the role that social research plays in the development of theories about crime.
2. Describe the basic features of biological theories of crime causation.
3. Describe the basic features of psychological explanations for crime.
4. What is the purpose of law? What would a society without laws be like?
5. What types of law does this chapter discuss? What purpose does each serve?
6. What are the five categories of criminal law violations?
7. What four broad categories of criminal defenses does our legal system recognize?
8. List and describe the eight general features of crime. What are the “three conjoined elements” that comprise the legal essence of the concept of crime?
9. What is meant by the corpus delicti of a crime? How does the corpus delicti of a crime differ from the statutory elements that must be proved to convict a particular defendant of committing that crime?
10. Does the insanity defense serve a useful function today?