Covid-19 pandemic

In the light of covid-19 pandemic, many businesses are struggling and cannot seem to survive on their own particularly without any governmental support. In some economies, companies were able to survive due to government support be it in subsidizing certain operating expenses or helping businesses directly through financial support. In other economies, businesses struggled to the extent where some have closed given the absence of public support at all levels.
QUESTION: Choose from your local context ONE private company that you see is struggling and draft a proposal for a collaboration with another private company or NGO, etc. to help it overcome its challenges. The proposal needs to include a clear introduction of the chosen private company and what are the challenges that it is facing and have led to this collaboration venture. It needs to clearly identify the bases for collaborative advantage, the main aims, and reflect on the collaboration six dimensions (word limit: 2000 words).
Hint: in essay, you need to consider the following:

  1. Clearly define the chosen private company, the challenges it is facing and why you consider there is a need for collaboration and with which company (define if it’s a public, private or NGO).
  2. Clearly identify the company that you are proposing to collaborate with. Identify if it is a public, private or NGO and why you chose this company in particular.
  3. You may refer to other collaborations as a guide but you must propose a totally new collaboration and not rely on previous ones already established.
  4. You have a plus or minus 10% with regard to word count.
  5. Referencing: Use Harvard referencing style for in-text citation and make a table of references at the end.
  6. Research: you are required to use a minimum of 2 external sources. you can always refer to Google scholar.