Cost Analysis And Timeline

iReady Math Program
You will create a rough cost analysis and timeline (implementation) for the technology-based program you identified on your plan sheet for evaluation. Use a spreadsheet application, either Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, to create your cost analysis. Use the following as column headings:

  • Item name
  • Item description
  • Cost category1
  • Type of cost2
  • Estimated or actual cost

1Determine your own categories. Examples are personnel, equipment, training, furniture, and travel. Use these or any others appropriate to the program you are describing.
2Identify the type of cost per the categories presented in the earlier list. If you choose to classify an item with more than one cost type, add additional “type of cost” columns instead of listing multiple types in a single cell. This will allow you to filter the data by each type of cost later.
Once all data are entered, insert formulas to calculate subtotals by cost category and by type of cost then to compute a grand total. Report the subtotals on the same spreadsheet below the data set. You must create formulas for all computations; spreadsheets with values computed by hand then manually entered will not be accepted.