Connection between construction and culture.

Final Project Assignment
Final Project                                                                      HO: Tuesday, October 19th, 2021
                                                                                        DUE: Tuesday, November 2nd, 2021
Motivation for Final Project Assignment
This assignment is intended to be a culminating assignment that addresses each of the course learning objectives, specifically:

  1. Explain the connection between construction and culture.
  2. Remember and explain historical construction methods.
  3. Summarize the differences between historic and current construction equipment.
  4. Identify the role of the builder in the construction process.
  5. Explain how we learn from construction failures.
  6. List the types of falsework used in the construction process.
  7. Understand the effects of forces on the structure.
  8. Identify historical and modern methods to provide ventilation and illumination in buildings.
  9. Appreciate the role of the craftsperson in the construction process.
  10. Summarize historical and modern transportation systems.
  11. Compare the basic process of designing and constructing a building in the past and today.
  12. Present a comparison of historical and current construction methods and materials in written and graphical communication.

This assignment is to be completed individually.

  1. Sign up for the November 2nd group on canvas if you haven’t already.


  1. Select a significant construction project that was completed before 1500. This can be a building project, an infrastructure project, or even an industrial project.


  1. Your task is to compare and contrast how the building was built in actuality to how it would be built today, after the industrial revolution. It is critical that you think of the cultural links between time periods and use that to formulate your comparison of construction methods.


  1. This assignment focuses on verbal and graphical communication. You will record yourself describing the comparison of construction processes in three minutes or less.


  1. The presentation must answer the following questions:
    1. For your structure, explain how it reflects the culture of the location and time when it was built.
    2. Describe the construction process that was used (or was likely used if it is difficult to find documentation on the process), including a discussion of relevant falsework for the project.
    3. Discuss what the construction process would be if the building were built today, including a discussion of relevant falsework.
    4. What prior construction failures may have influenced this structure?


  1. Your presentations are due by the end of the day on Tuesday, November 2nd, (at 11:59pm). Submit this as a single file on canvas. A powerpoint with a voiceover is fine. If you opt to record a video of yourself, you should upload that video to YouTube or vimeo and submit the link – canvas is really not designed to store a bunch of video files.

Recall this assignment is graded either individually. See the rubric on canvas for more detail.