Computer – 5G Cell communication

Research Project Instructions
5G Cell communication is gradually been adopted by telecommunications providers across the country.
However, there are technical problems to overcome, including that the higher frequencies cannot even
penetrate a pane of glass.
Security alarms have been raised everywhere, from the ridiculous to the political. Do as much research
as you can on the threats of 5G and tell me about what you can find. You should be able to find
everything from hacking issues, to privacy issues, to frequency issues, to political and nation state issues,
to manufacturing issues, and maybe others. What are the dangers you found and how real are each of
them? Be sure to give sources of your research
Irrespective of the option you choose, your paper must have at least 5 sources. Include in-text
citations and a reference section. The reference section does not count towards the total number of
pages. Make it double spaced with a minimum font size of 11.
It’s worth noting that Wikipedia does not count as a reliable source in academic writing. Use APA or IEEE
for your citations.
Some sources to consider:

APA Citation Guidelines

IEEE Citation Guidelines:
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