Company Analysis


Content Marks
PART 1: Introduction (400 words)
Provide a clear title, suitable background to the industry or societal issue, , overall research question(s), aim(s) and objective(s)
This section needs to be supported by project management sources.
PART 2: LITERATURE (1200 words).
Review and critically analyse the Project Management literature that your research will draw on to justify your research context and design decisions. This literature should be obtained Project Management Academic Journals such as the International Journal of Project Management, Project Management Journal and similar sources). This should be based on key sources drawn from the main articles relevant to your research context and purpose to indicate how they influence your research, not just a list of articles or a statement of what you intend to read.
Provide a table in the Appendix summarizing at least 10 PROJECT MANAGEMENT sources that your research will draw on to justify your research context and design decisions. The table should have columns for aims/objectives of paper, topics discussed and any areas identified for future research. Based on this table, you can present the possible area that your research will face based on a gap or suggestion in existing literature. An example is enclosed in the Appendix 1 of this document.
Identify a gap in the existing literature that your research will fill
PART 2: Your research proposal methodology (800 words)
Research methodology/methods:
Philosophy approach explain the philosophy approach you intend to adopt
Explain what overall research methodology you have chosen.
If you have selected quantitative approach, this will require formulating hypothesis (or hypotheses), clearly stated, unambiguous, realistic, symmetrical.
Explain the sampling method and type.
Explain the data collection method(s) and Design a questionnaire that you have personally developed (include it as an Appendix). This design should include the measurement scales that you intend to use and where you have sourced them from. You will need to explain how you would administer the questionnaire.
If you have selected the qualitative approach you will need to present research questions along with a provide a list of appropriate data collection questions (as an Appendix e.g. Interview guide) that you have personally developed.
Explain how data will be analysed and presented in order to address the research question(s)/objectives. For qualitative data, you will need to explain your coding and theme development approach. For quantitative data, you will need to present the statistical techniques that you intend to use to analyze the responses that you will receive.
Fully referenced to a range of suitable research method literature.
This section needs to be supported by 7 to 10 research method sources
PART 3: Critical evaluation (600 words)
Critical evaluation of your proposal: Justification of your selected research approach clear understanding of the benefits and limitations of your chosen, using all layers of the ‘research onion’ (Saunders et al., 2016), development of a reasoned argument for and against.
Fully referenced to a range of suitable literature.
Justification of the chosen approach for the research.
This section needs to be supported by research method sources.
References: suitable range, provide full references using the APA 6 format. 10
Presentation and language: Correct spelling, grammar, professional presentation (as detailed in the coursework handout). 10