Communication Studies: Final Project

My professor gave me Cross-Cultural Theory, so please help me about this theory.
He would like to include: Laray Barna’s Sources of Miscommunication in Cross Cultural Exchanges
The page is 4 pages + 1 references page
1. Select a theory that pertains to Human Communication. Discuss why you selected the theory.
2. Explain the theory in your own words using in-text citations (APA Format).
3. Answer the following questions about your theory:
A. Who developed the theory and why?
B. Where are the theorist’s primary works located?
C. Identify the critical weaknesses.
4. Apply the theory to a situation, a film, an experience, etc. Explain why this is an appropriate application of the theory.
5. Create a references page in APA Format. You must utilize a minimum of three outside references.