CNM Pros and Cons of Using Digital Marketing Platforms Discussion Responses Content Type User Generated User cnzvyyn Subject Business Finance School

Please read the articles down below and make your won respond for each article. Number the articles For example: article 1: I agree with you…… No resources needed 100 words needed for each article Discuss the pros and cons of using these newest tools in promotional activities, from a marketer’s perspective. Discuss the pros and cons of receiving marketing communication via these newest tools, from a consumer’s perspective. Article 1: There are several pros and cons of utilizing digital marketing platforms such as social media and the internet over traditional platforms such as television, radio, and print media. One of the pros is cost. Cost for digital media is very low when compared to traditional platforms. Cost for digital marketing can be nearly 75% lower in some cases. Another pro to digital marketing is the ability to reach a massive audience. With traditional marketing you are reaching a generalized demographic. With digital marketing, there is not a limit and multiple demographics can be reached simultaneously. Digital marketing can be done in a matter of minutes if not seconds, where traditional marketing takes weeks of preparation time. Digital marketing is very time consuming. Many digital marketers spend hours every day online working on digital ad campaigns. A lot of first impressions are made by these campaigns and they are not always good ones for a brand. From a consumer’s perspective, receiving digital communications can be annoying. Many consumers do not like getting what is considered spam. It is clutter on the internet and can many times lead to pop-ups and virus being downloaded onto one’s computer. A pro for receiving communication from a consumer perspective is the updates on new products. Another pro would be receiving a great offer or a coupon for a good deal instantly without having to wait for the mail. There are pros and cons to the newest tools marketers are using. Traditional marketing tools are still being utilized especially during these troubling times of COVID. However, digital marketing will continue to grow as the internet and social media continues to grow. Article 2: From a marketer’s perspective, the pros of using the newest tools in promotional activities are many. From being able to reach a wider market to low-cost, using digital and Internet marketing, specifically, can be a great tool for marketers to promote products and services. Some of the cons can be over saturation both from a general marketing position and from a market-specific perspective. For example, if a company is selling workout gear and they choose to purchase ad space on websites, podcasts, vloggin sites, etc., consumers may skip the ads or feel overwhelmed with seeing so many. Additionally, there are possibly many other companies selling workout gear. On the other hand, it can also bring consumers from all over the world as there is accessibility from all over the globe. From a consumer’s perspective, the pros to receiving marketing communication from marketers, is that they are aware of products, they have accessibility to any product or service and have the more options when it comes to price. Some of the cons can be that they are bombarded with ads and product information when they are not looking to purchase. They can be deceived when it comes to quality, look, size or durability of products and receive unreliable information regarding products/services.
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