CNM Captel Phone Commercial Target Individuals Discussion

Please read the articles down below and make your won respond for each article. Number the articles For example: article 1: I agree with you…… No resources needed 100 words needed for each article Watch the Captel Phone commercial ( – Article 1: After watching the Captel Phone commercial, the target market is those that are older, hearing impaired, and most likely middleclass. I would assume that these individuals are above 65 and of both genders. I do however think that the commercial can target those that are aware of these conditions so possibly children of the said target market or other family members. The product is being positioned as something necessary for those that are hearing impaired and thus the positioning strategy being used is application. The overall appeal of the commercial to the target audience is the ability to use the service with ease and to be self-sufficient. I do not see any direct issues with the product and its promotion, but I think the issue could be the technologically issue, additionally I would be interested to see the solution to those that are hearing impaired, or physically impaired. Article 2: • • • Describe the target market for this product – what consumer segments according to the bases for market segmentation (Fig. 2-4). The CapTel target audience 35-40 age group that have Baby Boomer parents or 60+ parents with hearing difficulties. How is the product positioned? What positioning strategy is being used? The product is positioned by providing the attributes of the product and how it is helpful to the father who has a hard time hearing. The father is speaking to his brother and is able to read what the brother is saying. What do you think about the overall appeal of the commercial to the target audiences? Are there any issues you observe with the product and its promotion? This is a product benefit strategy and is widely utilized within this demographic. Companies are well known for using this strategy for emphasizing the products benefits to push the product. However, as a promo to the target audience, it not really appealing. The reason for this it does not really resonate with the target audience. It is great that the dad that cannot hear can talk to his brother. As a 40-year-old, I am looking at cost, availability. I am looking for something more.
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