Clinical pocket guide

For this week’s assignment, each student will prepare a clinical pocket guide to use as a quick-reference resource. You will use Microsoft Word to create your clinical pocket guide. You are free to design the pocket guide however you wish. Keep in mind that the format of the pocket guide needs to be useful in a clinical practice setting.
Age Groups
Each student will compile information for the following age groups:

  • Newborn
  • 1 Month Old

Information Categories
Age groups should include the following information:

  • Normal vital signs for age as appropriate
  • Normal weight gain for age
  • Normal height growth for age
  • Normal head growth for age (as appropriate)
  • Developmental milestones for age and red flags
  • Immunizations for age including
    • Immunizations to be given at the current visit
    • Side effects of immunizations to be give
  • Anticipatory Guidance for the well-child visit including
    • Nutrition
    • Safety
    • Discipline
    • Normal growth and development
    • Elimination
    • Sleep
  • Special test for age (for example a CBC and Lead test at 12 month)
    • Laboratory
    • Special physical examination techniques